What is Web/URL Forwarding?

Web Forwarding is a domain feature which allows you to display your existing website hosted anywhere. In other words, your new PH domain name can become a new address for your existing website for no extra cost.

You may have a website at a popular free site server with URL http://www.freesiteserver.com/delacruz/index.htm. If for example you have registered a domain name delacruz.ph, in Web Forwarding you may use this feature to locate your web pages at your free site server by just typing http://www.delacruz.ph.

Adding the Web Forwarding feature on your domain name, your visitors will not even be aware of the longer and more cumbersome URL. Instead of typing in a very long URL such as http://www.webhost.com/delacruz/index.htm, you would of course prefer to have it shortened by typing in your ph domain http://www.delacruz.ph which is definitely easier to remember than the longer URL.

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