Modify Name Servers and Other Changes Needed

Is there a charge for modification?

Applications that were paid have NO CHARGE for modifications within their duration.

What do I have to do to transfer hosting services?

First, you should have your new hosting service register your new account, or do it yourself. Since DNS caches can store old information for up to one month, we recommend that you maintain your old name servers for that period.

Second, then you can settle your accounts with your previous hosting company, and let them delete your domain name from their name servers.

Third, you can send now your new host’s name servers as arranged below:

Primary Name Server

Prime Server Hostname:

Prime Server Net Address:

Secondary Name Server

Second Server Hostname:

Second Server Net Address:

Fourth, send the information requested above and request for modification via e-mail. Or you may contact us for more details.

Fifth, you may go directly to our Domain Manager area for you to modify your nameservers and other information you want to change.

Manage Domains

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